Slide Are you in the cloud? Is your business protected from cyberattacks? Do you have a data recovery plan? Do you have control of your network? Is your website searchable? Do you have control of your network? Are you on a legacy phone system? Can your staff effectively work from home? Securely access your data from anywhere. Are you prepared for the electronic unthinkable? How secure is your data really? What can the cloud do for your workflow?

about us.

We understand that your business is what you do best and technology is simply a tool for growth. Our mission at Nexlevel is to make technology an asset for your business, rather than an obstacle in the way of success. We leverage technology to furnish your business with the tools it needs to do what you do best by doing what we do best. 

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IT Managed Services Provider


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Web Design

Websites, SEO, and Marketing

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Cloud Services

Mail, Data, Web Security, Server Hosting

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Technology solutions for donor, grant, fundraising, and human resources tailored specifically for nonprofit automation. 


Financial Services

Secure network infrastructure to protect your business and client data both internally and externally.



Full service practice technology management to ensure your patients needs will always come first.


Staffing Services

One call support for web, digital marketing, and phones so you can connect employers and employees.



We understand your requirements and ensure quality work.

Jose Rojas at Nexlevel Technologies is my absolute go to guy for keeping all my technology in tip top shape!  I can call Jose and the next thing I know he is walking through the door of my office at Papacita’s with a big smile ready to help me get up and running again with minimal downtime.  No matter the problem Jose is there to help educate me with my technology needs or just fix my issue.  I love the confidence they provide me knowing my system is backed up and safe if I ever need it. 

Nexlevel is the best!

Kaye Perry

Office Manager, Papacita's Mexican Restaurant, Longview, TX

We have used Nexlevel Technologies for several years now. One thing I can say about them – we’ve NEVER have to wait for assistance. They are always available to help, either by remote assistance, phone assistance, or on site assistance. EXCELLENT customer service!


Business Manager, Rickey Crane DDS, Mt. Pleasant, TX

Jose, thank you for taking care of Lock Doc’s computers over the years.  You have done an excellent job and just thanks are not enough. 

Becky Warren

President, Lock Doc Inc., Longview, TX

Thank you for always taking care of us.


Office Manager, Vision Source, Longview, TX


Why Choose Us

We understand what you requirement and will stop at nothing to satisfy
You are a Business not a Number

Are you tired of not getting the service that you deserve?  Does it take days for someone to get back to you?  They don’t value you as a business, you are a number on their spreadsheet.  We want to be your Business partner.

We have your back-Literally!

Is your business really protected? Just because they claim to be a tech company don’t be fooled.  Not all companies are the same.  When your business is attacked by hackers or you have a virus it is not the time to find out that your service does not have your back.  We have the backups to your backup.

When you need us you need us

We offer same day service in most cases, do you have that Nexlevel of service?  When your computer is not working or your programs don’t work you need timely service.  You don’t want to spend most of your day waiting around for that phone call from a tech.  You deserve the Nexlevel experience.

Do you have the right website?

First impressions are everything!  What is your website saying about your business?  Or is it so old and outdated it doesn’t say anything?  Do you have links to your Facebook page?  How is your Search Engine Optimization?  Can your customers find you on the first page because they are not going to go to the second page looking for your business.

Phone cost too high?

We can help you reduce your phone cost.  How would you like to have your phone cost cut up to 50%.  I am sure there are other areas of your day to day operations were you could use these savings.  We look forward to working with your business and giving you the latest features at no additional cost.  

East Texas just like your company!

No really, look at the what other clients have had to say about us! We are part of East Texas and wouldn’t have it any other way.


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We understand your requirement and provide quality works.
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2401 Judson Road, Suite 105, Longview, TX 75605